I am looking for people who are interested in what I will refer to as a “day in the life” sessions at a discounted rate in exchange for being included in my portfolio. These sessions could be you and your significant other preparing a nice meal together; an afternoon at home with your family, relaxing and spending quality time together; a fun bedtime routine with your kids; at the workplace doing a job you are particularly passionate about. Whether it’s your job or time with family, I want to capture the moments in life that you cherish.
Below is a small example of what a "day in the life" session could look like. About 1 year after our wedding, my wife decided she wanted to admire her wedding dress. Since our lives felt so crazy that year, I don't think the dress had even made it out of the bag since our wedding day. She carried on, pretending I didn't exist for the next half-hour, and I instinctively grabbed my camera for what I thought would be just a few silly photos; they instantly became some of my favorites. 
These images tell a story of a day we will never forget. Sure, we have wedding photos to look back on as well, but those don't remind us of the little things — like the tiny snags and tears in the train from the stones we stood on while we had our first dance in the rain or the ungodly amount of buttons on the back of the dress that we enlisted the help of our best friends to undo so we could take them out to dinner after the long and eventful day. These are the kinds of memories I love to capture and I hope to be able to create something similar for others.